Austin's Capital Kitchens Uses City Rebate to Boost Clients' Waste Diversion!

Over the past couple of months, our team has been working with Capital Kitchens to not only expand their current recycling program, but to implement a new composting program!

Using the City of #Austin's $1,800 business rebate, the commercial kitchen is now able to offer its 30+ clients, consisting of caterers, food trucks owners, chocolatiers, and others, the opportunity to lessen their environmental impacts through waste diversion from landfills!

We provided a comprehensive on-boarding process through education training and revised the company's contract language to reflect client agreements with the new policies. The program was well received and the clients of Capital Kitchens are excited to now claim #ZeroWaste operations and establish a green marketing edge over their competitors! 

Big thanks to Capital Kitchens owner, Trish Foreman Wesevich, for her long-term vision for sustainability and to ZWS Associate Morgan Whitney for her tireless efforts in helping businesses discover operational efficiencies.

Capital Kitchens owner, Trish Wesevich, makes the site's new composting program official!

Capital Kitchens owner, Trish Wesevich, makes the site's new composting program official!

ZWS Gains Platinum Status Through Austin Green Business Leaders Program

We're excited to announce that Zero Waste Strategies, LLC has passed the rigorous standards of the Austin Green Business Leaders (AGBL) program to once again attain Platinum member status!

By the end of February each year, AGBL candidates submit a free online form ranking their company's performance in multiple sustainability categories, such as Zero Waste, water & energy use, health & wellbeing, transportation, and others.

The City of Austin Office of Sustainability then schedules an appointment for a site visit to verify business claims, which is a chance for entrepreneurs to showcase their efforts in driving the circular economy and achieving a triple bottom line that benefits people, planet, and profit!

There are many benefits to AGBL membership, including Lunch & Learn events, tours of local businesses leading in green operations, annual recognition by the City, and others. Here are 7 more business reasons to join AGBL!


Compliance Deadline: Austin Business Recycling Plan Submission

On February 1st, Austin businesses affected by the Universal Recycling Ordinance (URO), including office, multi-family, and industrial buildings, will be required to submit an Annual Diversion Plan.

This yearly plan helps businesses comply with policy requirements and can lessen trash bills through increased recycling. It details a property's on site recycling programs, types of materials diverted from landfills, and staff education efforts being made.

This year, food-permitted businesses of 15,000 sq. ft. or more will need to also submit an Organics Diversion Plan detailing ways food and food scraps are being diverted. With city encouragement, food donations to feed our community are suggested before composting.

The City of Austin Resource Recovery Department offers free assistance for plan(s) submittal to businesses expected to meet these requirements.

$1800 Recycling Rebate for Eligible Austin Businesses!

Did you know the City of Austin offers rebates of up to $1800 for eligible businesses implementing new or expanded recycling and composting programs?

It's true! Businesses within the city limits that are either expanding current programs under the URO or that are not yet affected by this policy can apply to help cover costs! 

Zero Waste Strategies is well-versed in this application process and can help identify your company's eligibility, conduct a required site assessment, and target opportunities for diversion to maximize rebate dollars.

Contact us for more information or if your business is ready to apply!

America Recycles Day is November 15th!

America Recycles Day is November 15th!

November 15th is America Recycles Day and over 67,000 people have taken the pledge to recycle more! There are over 2,100 events organized across the country to educate, organize, and mobilize every day people to take action to recycle! If there's no event in your area, you can work with the group to organize your own!

Either way, more recycling is a positive way to go to clean up our neighborhoods, parks, and waterways. But, let's also remember that the 1st "R" is to REDUCE wastes so it never becomes trash!