Zero Waste cannot happen in a vacuum. It is a concept that needs support from surrounding governments and businesses in the regions where diversion programs are already happening. This helps spread the costs and benefits of the new Zero Waste economy.

Our company may be based in Austin where much Zero Waste activity is already occurring, but we seek consulting opportunities with entities outside the Austin city limits that want to develop and employ these types of policies for operational efficiencies and/or a stronger marketing edge.

For local governments, ZWS can facilitate:

  • Research & development
  • Stakeholder group meetings
  • Policy structure & language refinement
  • Community advocacy efforts
  • Marketing strategies

For businesses, ZWS can facilitate:

  • Baseline waste measurement studies & reporting
  • Management & staff interviews to gauge buy-in
  • Development of policy structure & rules
  • Program implementation for successful rollout
  • Zero Waste training for employees & janitorial staff
  • Marketing strategies 

Please contact us for consulting services.