Zero Waste Strategies is the premier environmental consulting firm specializing in business waste reduction for:

  • Increased revenue
  • Deeper customer loyalty
  • Employee empowerment
  • Green marketing edge

Zero Waste Strategies has impacted sustainability for clients such as:

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Former Supply Chain Manager for Dell Technologies, Starjjil Shelvin, describes how our Zero Waste Strategies training program helped keep their employees' waste diversion skills sharp!

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Most business leaders know the importance of green business operations, but some are hesitant to engage in the process for the lack of three key elements:

  1. An actionable and profitable sustainability plan

  2. A proven process to educate themselves and their teams for success

  3. Internal and external communication strategies that garner buy-in at every level of the business

Zero Waste Strategies is here to help.

Zero Waste Strategies (ZWS) is the premier sustainability consulting firm focused on waste reduction protocols to support the new Circular Economy. We work with industry leaders like you who are serious about using waste reduction to drive increased revenue, deeper customer loyalty, and a green marketing edge.

Zero Waste Strategies helps businesses and organizations to reduce, reuse, recycle and compost their waste. We provide training courses, white papers, and advice on recycling, composting, reducing, and reusing your waste.

Lower Costs

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Save on costs when waste containers and hauler pickups are "right-sized" for specific business needs. This ensures optimization by avoiding too much bin capacity or a too frequent weekly collection schedule.

Positive Environmental Impact

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Some estimates claim that as much as 97% of solid waste hails from commercial or industrial operations. Businesses that implement a Zero Waste program not only help save community landfill space, they also help spur economic growth and vitality by supporting the reuse, recycling, and food waste composting sectors.

Bankable Brand Image

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Eco-friendly businesses can bank on being well- positioned to brand their products as healthier, more sustainable, and less impactful on the planet than industry counterparts. These businesses are ensuring readiness to tap into the core purchasing values of millions of customers whom align with corporate sustainability, social justice, and environmental protection.

Deepen Customer Loyalty

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A recent IBM study found over 80% of consumers surveyed were ready to alter their shopping habits to support reducing environmental impact. Conscious consumers will seek out businesses authentic in their green initiatives and may result in deeper customer loyalty and increase the probability of gaining brand ambassadors.

Empower Employees

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Implementing a corporate Zero Waste program can not only boost employee morale but also help attract top-tier talent to join the ranks and lower the costs associated with employee turnover. Empowered employees are more likely to participate in efforts, such as recycling drives, volunteer projects and operational changes.

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Zero Waste Strategies partners with Climate First Bank for all its business transactions.

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“Ms. Savage’s extensive knowledge and connection to the recycling and reuse network in Texas offered the best available support for marketing and advocating the beneficial reuse of our ceramic materials.

Tony Biddle
Sr. EHS Specialist
Kohler Co.

“Stacy has worked in the Austin area to push for policy changes that break the "put it in a hole" cycle. She was one of the key advocates of Austin's shift towards a Zero Waste Plan, which has had profound environmental and economic impacts on the city.”

Thomas Vinson
Zero Waste Program Director
University of Texas at Arlington

"Stacy is one of the most deeply passionate and knowledgeable people I know when it comes to Zero Waste. I have seen her excel as a leader at Texas Campaign for the Environment and provide good follow-through as co-founder of the Austin Zero Waste Alliance."

Brandi Clark-Burton
Winner, Austin Chronicle’s “Best Of”
Sustainable Leadership

“Knowing Zero Waste Strategies is working with our property managers directly is a huge relief!”


Edmee Knight
Senior Manager, Sustainable Real Estate
Unico Properties