Zero Waste Programs & Goals in the Media

Overcoming Zero Waste Cost Barriers

Stacy chats with the "Selling Circular" podcast about her journey of starting a zero waste business, the importance of recycling programs and employee empowerment, and the value of conducting waste audits to provide transparency in corporate waste management.

Powerful Advice On Personal Value & Starting a Business

Our CEO recently joined the 1.5 Degrees podcast to talk about grassroots activism, getting environmental legislation passed in Texas, starting a business from scratch, and the power of business models rooted in sustainability.

Stacy Savage

Zero Waste Trash Talk: Turning Garbage Into Revenue and Impact

Stacy Savage spoke with the team at Dandelion Branding about how she guides corporate clients through the True Zero Waste certification process, which demands a 90% waste diversion rate and employee training, among other standards, to be considered.

Shopping Tips To Reduce Food Waste

Zero Waste Strategies was invited to contribute to this article on cutting food waste in your home to save money. From meal prep and proper food storage to mythbusting those confusing expiration dates, discover loads of new ideas to run a low-waste kitchen!

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Fresh compost

An Expert Guide On How To Get Fresh Compost In 28 Days

Recently our CEO was interviewed in Homes & Gardens Magazine about how to reduce food scraps to landfills without the stinky mess through a technique called hot composting. Read along for some great tips for a more sustainable home kitchen!

30 Items To Reuse or Recycle More Often To Save Money In 2024

Our CEO helped develop this list of 30 items to reuse or recycle more often to save more money. Check it out!

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Sustainable Packaging Podcast

Our Founder/CEO joined Cory Connors, host of the Sustainable Packaging Podcast, to dive into Zero Waste practices to save businesses money, empower employees, and drive a green marketing edge.

Electronics Recycling: The Mounting E-Waste Challenge

Rapid tech growth and consumer habits result in staggering electronic waste. Globally, over 6 million tons of e-waste was generated in 2019, a 21% increase in 5 years (EPA). Only 15-20% is properly recycled, the rest ends in landfills or illegal export.♻️

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The Food Institute Quotes Stacy On Food Expiration Dates

The Food Institute recently quoted Founder & CEO, Stacy Savage, on the push to remove expiration dates on #food #packaging to reduce consumer confusion and save more food from landfills. 

Raconteur Media Recently Interviewed Our Founder & CEO On Zero Waste best business practices.

ESG standards are now one of the top-five indicators to investment firms and shareholders as to whether your company will still be viable and relevant in the next 10 years,” Savage notes. “Many of these firms are shunning companies that aren’t making an effort to get ESG policies in place. That’s huge if you want to expand your business."♻️

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Best Buy's Electronic Recycling Program - May 2022

Company Founder & CEO, Stacy Savage, recently interviewed with Retail Dive about Best Buy's new home collection and recycling program for electronic waste and large appliances.

Reader's Digest: 15 Genius Reuses for Spent Coffee Grounds

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recycling bins

Founder, Stacy Savage, draws on her experience of Smart Recycling Tech in the waste and recycling industry.

Meet our Founder

Stacy Savage
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Using Sustainability to Recruit Top-Tiered Talent

The KAJ Masterclass LIVE

The Founder & CEO of Zero Waste Strategies interviews with former CNBC India journalist Khudania Ajay about circular economy and how businesses can address sustainability in the most cost-effective ways.

Recycling bins

American Recycler Magazine

Founder & CEO, Stacy Savage, speaks with American Recycler magazine on the hurdles US residents experience when recycling plastics and how increasing recycling infrastructure can help build a more stable economy through job growth. 

Sustainable Futures Report

In this podcast episode, our CEO (aka, The Texas Trash Talker) discusses effective green business strategies, how to reduce packaging waste, and proper materials sorting for clean recycling streams.

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Zero Waste & The Circular Economy

Company Founder & CEO, Stacy Savage, was featured on The Weather Channel's new climate action platform, Pattrn, to discuss Zero Waste and Circular Economy for business waste reduction.

Green.Org’s Person of the week for 2/15/2022 is...

Stacy Savage, founder & president of Zero Waste Strategies. As a leader in the circular economy, Stacy offers her experience in zero waste programs and goals and her predictions for a ‘zero waste future’.

Stacy Savage

Business Budgeting for Waste Diversion and Saving Money with Proper Recycling

Marketing4Waste recently interviewed our Founder & CEO, Stacy Savage, about her business journey as a Zero Waste programs consultant working with some of the biggest brand names in the world to achieve their goals. Watch to learn about business budgeting for waste diversion, saving money with proper recycling and food waste composting programs, and changing perceptions around trash.

"Meet the Experts" Live Streaming Interview with Stacy

Interview with Stacy Savage, Founder & CEO of Zero Waste Strategies. Learn about the economics behind waste reduction, right-sizing your hauling contracts, and how to engage employees in recycling correctly.

Subkit Interview - August 2022

Subkit featured our CEO's journey of growing up in a polluted #Texas oil-town to becoming an eco-activist at the legislature to working as a #ZeroWaste consultant with some of the largest corporate brand names in the world!♻️


Supply Chains and Zero Waste Operations

Founder Stacy Savage joins other Zero Waste leaders in this interview with MHI Solutions, the nation’s largest material handling, logistics and supply chain association, discussing  supply chain management and Zero Waste operations for cost savings.

“Deep Dive on Household Waste Reduction" - Nov 2021

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“Women in Circularity” Spotlight Feature - Aug 2021

Founder & President, Stacy Savage, was recently featured as the August 2021 "Women in Circularity" spotlight in Resource Recycling magazine! This highly respected publication has been a go-to industry resource for over 30 years and this special section highlights women's contributions in the new #CircularEconomy. What an honor!

“A Golden Hour for Zero Waste” - US Green Building Council - Aug 2020

The US Green Building Council featured Founder and President, Stacy Savage, last year in their "Living Standard" publication. The USGBC issues energy and water conservation certifications for buildings, facilities, and institutions, among other structures across the country and has recently expanded its processes to incorporate zero waste protocols.


Meet the founder of Zero Waste Strategies

“Texas Trash Talker” Stacy Savage, takes you through her journey of growing up in a polluted Texas oil-town to becoming an ecopreneur, working with some of the biggest names in the corporate world.

“Bigger Than Us” podcast

An interview with “Texas Trash Talker” Stacy Savage on business recycling, employee empowerment, and driving a green marketing edge.

CEO leads team of waste sorters at Dallas restaurant

How Do I Make a Career in Sustainability?

Founder & President, Stacy Savage, joins SPC in this featured interview to discuss her career path of becoming a Zero Waste expert and running her own consulting firm guiding some of the world’s biggest companies and industries to Zero Waste operations.

Strategies for a Zero Waste Future

Stacy Savage, founder of Zero Waste Strategies, kicks off Season 2 of the “Just to Save the World” podcasts covering the topics of waste diversion, the newly emerging circular economy, and policies driving a zero waste future.

Just to Save the World Podcast