We'll help you tackle the headaches around business waste reduction!

Want to save money, empower your employees, increase brand reputation, and lead on green initiatives?

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Get instant access to the same Zero Waste management training that we've provided to AT&T, Dell & Nestle´ Purina for a fraction of the cost!

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These days, millions of consumers make their purchasing decisions based on sustainable brand awareness through relevant green marketing. In order to attract these consumers, you must first have sustainability goals and effective green programs in place.


Let Zero Waste Strategies provide your business the critical piece to launching a cost-saving waste reduction program. Our team can help you tap into the values of conscious consumers, position your company as an industry competitor, and secure more market share by going zero waste.

"Cash for Trash" Zero Waste Business Program Package - Module 1

Haven’t we all seen unsightly scenarios like this? Businesses all over the world are implementing efficient and effective protocols to attain their waste management goals.

  • Learn foundational recycling knowledge
  • Understand business waste definitions
  • See examples of industry best practices
  • Be inspired by other companies journeying toward "Zero Waste"

Training Module 2 - “Food Waste Reduction”

About 40% of the entire waste stream in the US is food waste. Food-permitted businesses are stepping up in the communities they serve by diverting the food waste they generate away from landfills.

  • Learn cost-saving techniques through the food waste reduction hierarchy
  • Build knowledge on optimizing food purchases for your business
  • Understand legal protections and tax breaks for food donations
  • Help employees get past any “yuck factors”

Training Module 3 - “Educate, Engage & Empower Employees”

Employees can be the champions of your waste diversion programs. Put them in an empowered position of ownership to drive program success!

  • Learn how to engage employees with fun recycling games
  • Understand how to build a company “green team”
  • Replicate educational training for new hires
  • Host company events with Zero Waste in mind

By enrolling with us today, you’ll also receive these FREE bonuses:

1. Rapid-Fire Quizzes

  • Test your recycling knowledge after each training module
  • Get your scores immediately after quiz completion
  • Keep track of skill improvements to assess further needs
  • Recap of pertinent information from each video module


2. Educational Resources

  • Worksheets to ensure full comprehension of course material
  • Checklists for Zero Waste business protocols
  • Step-by-step instructions for implementing program goals
  • Regular newsletter with updates and success stories


3. Exclusive access to our private LinkedIn group

  • Connect with like-minded business peers
  • Gain insights on waste reduction best practices
  • Be the first to hear about global recycling innovations
  • Grow your industry-specific knowledge in sustainability

4. Two Hours of 1:1 Consultation

  • Speak directly with our Zero Waste experts
  • Parcel your two-hour timeframe based on your needs
  • Brainstorm green marketing and business development
  • Plug into our global Zero Waste network

5. Exclusive access to our weekly business support calls

  • Build rapport with action-oriented business peers
  • Get customized options for your site-specific needs
  • Understand and comply with business recycling laws 
  • Ask the tough questions of our sustainability experts

6. Graduate Certification

  • Course recap for studying and testing
  • Graduates are certified as a Zero Waste Business Fellow 
  • Receive a digital certificate 
  • Receive a digital website/social media logo



See what our happy customers are saying about Zero Waste Strategies:

“Stacy has worked in the Austin area to push for policy changes that break the "put it in a hole" cycle. She was one of the key advocates of Austin's shift towards a Zero Waste Plan, which has had profound environmental and economic impacts on the city.”

Thomas Vinson
Former Zero Waste Program Director
University of Texas at Arlington

"Stacy is one of the most deeply passionate and knowledgeable people I know when it comes to Zero Waste. I have seen her excel as a leader at Texas Campaign for the Environment and provide good follow-through as co-founder of the Austin Zero Waste Alliance."

Brandi Clark-Burton
Winner, Austin Chronicle’s “Best Of”
Sustainable Leadership

“Knowing Zero Waste Strategies is working with our property managers directly is a huge relief!” 

Edmee Knight
Senior Manager, Sustainable Real Estate
Unico Properties

“Ms. Savage’s extensive knowledge and connection to the recycling and reuse network in Texas offered the best available support for marketing and advocating the beneficial reuse of our ceramic materials.”

Tony Biddle
Former Sr. EHS Specialist
Kohler Co.