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Why Compost?

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Is your company’s waste bill just a line item in the budget? Do you ever look in the trash bins to see exactly what is being discarded? Do you ever wonder how quickly those bins fill up each day or if you’re waste services are “right-sized” for your actual business needs? Then we need to talk…  In the…

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Waste Reduction Is A Moral Obligation

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Rep. Ellison Calls for Moral Drive on Zero Waste Wrapping up the national Resource Recycling Conference in Minneapolis this week, US Representative Keith Ellison of Minnesota, called for taking a moral stand regarding climate change and consumerism by highlighting the benefits of Zero Waste. With visions of a “Zero Waste society”, Ellison stated, “Our economy…

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Recycling Returns: How China’s New Import Policies Affect Global Recycling

Chinese flag with recycling symbol

State and local governments in the US and around the world are in a tight spot regarding China’s recent policy updates on the quality of recyclable materials it imports. Businesses in places known for a culture of environmental stewardship, such as Oregon, are seeking waivers to dispose of recyclable materials that are no longer being…

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Amazon’s Supply Chain Should Be On The Blockchain

Amazon fresh drive through pickup

As a global company with massive supply chains, Amazon, the online product and service delivery company, could seriously benefit from blockchain technology. The blockchain will revolutionize efficiencies in operations for industries all over the world. It is a distributed, immutable ledger that builds trust between companies, vendors, and customers. It can be used to verify…

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