Tier 1:
"Cash for Trash" Zero Waste Business Program

Tier 1 includes training modules, test-your-knowledge quizzes, educational resources, weekly group support calls, 1:1 consultation with our experts, exclusive entry into our private social media group, and green certification (upon completion) 

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Business Recycling 101

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Businesses are implementing recycling protocols to attain their sustainability goals and meet consumer demands for green operations. Learn foundational recycling knowledge, business waste definitions, examples of industry best practices, and spotlights on companies leading the charge toward Zero Waste. This is a three-part course that includes Food Waste Reduction and Educate, Engage, and Empower lessons.


Food Waste Reduction

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Food-permitted businesses are stepping up in the communities they serve by diverting food from landfills. Learn cost-saving food waste reduction techniques and how the federal Good Samaritan Act legally protects food businesses and affords tax benefits for food donations.

Educate, Engage & Empower

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Employees can be the champions or the naysayers of your waste diversion programs. Putting them in an empowered position of ownership through engaging, educational training can drive success. Learn several top ways to make waste management fun!​